Only Quality Leads to Excellence.

Quality is an integral step in the process of producing and marketing wine. It is due to its existence that new customers are acquired and the loyalty of existing ones is increased.
The Cooperativa Agrícola Santo Isidro de Pegões has always bet on the quality of both the products produced and the provision of customer services, as such, and due to the demands of today's global commerce, our company has bet on the certification of the Quality Management System.

The implementation of this system is an asset for the cooperative and for the consumer, since it allows, on the one hand, to coordinate all the details related to wine, such as maintaining the traceability of the products, performing and keeping track of their evolution (through chemical analyzes carried out in our laboratory). And on the other, it allows the balance of customer satisfaction. Thus, since 2001, the company has endeavored to fulfill all the prerequisites for this certification to be possible; having become a reality in 2003 obtaining the ISO Certification NP: EN 9001: 2008, granted by the certification company APCER.


The Cooperativa Agrícola de Santo Isidro de Pegões intends to be recognized for the quality of its products by betting more and more on the foreign market and consolidating the work with national agents.



The Cooperativa Agrícola of Santo Isidro de Pegões is dedicated to the production and commercialization of Wine and related products.

Through the technological evolution and improvement / control of vine varieties, we introduced new and better products pursuing the policy of excellent relation Quality / Price.

Policy Lines

The Cooperativa Agrícola de Santo Isidro de Pegões, in a system of continuous improvement, proposes to:

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, customer requirements and internal requirements.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the System.
  • Modernize and restructure equipment and facilities.
  • Create new products, bet on High and Superior Range.
  • Extend sales with entry into new market segments.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction by reducing complaints and simplifying processes and deadlines.
  • Promote the participation and contribution of all Employees in the processes of continuous improvement, through Training.
  • Increase Members' benefits through the commitment of all to improving caste.
  • Ensure efficient food hygiene and safety.
  • Ensure effective traceability and compliance with all food safety and hygiene requirements and Critical Control Point.
  • Ensure that in the process of vinification, stage and bottling of the wine, the best practices are always used, occurring in favorable conditions for the final quality of the same.