Only quality leads to excellence.

Quality is an integral step in the wine production process and marketing. It is due to its existence, that are acquired new customers and the loyalty of existing ones is increased. Santo Isidro de Pegões Agricultural Cooperative, always bet on the quality of both products produced as providing customer services, as such, and given the current global trade demands, our company invested in the certification of the Quality Management System.

The implementation of this system is an asset for the cooperative and for the consumer, because it allows one hand to coordinate all the details relating to wine as maintaining the traceability of products, perform and record monitoring the evolution thereof (through chemical analysis, carried out in our laboratory). And on the other, allows the balance of customer satisfaction. Thus, since 2001 the company has endeavored to meet all the prerequisites to make it possible this certification; having become reality in 2003 obtaining the certification by NP EN ISO 9001: 2000. Certification granted by APCER.