Península of Setúbal, region where are located our wines, is characterized by a clime with great conditions. In this region, we have pozolitic and sandy soils, rich in water. With influences from Mediterranean and from the proximity of the Atlantic sea. This perfect harmony brings a great development to our noble grapes, perfectly adapted, that gives us marvellous quality wines.


Classification: DO Moscatel de Setúbal

Type: Sweet Wine

Grapes: 100% Moscatel de Setúbal

Region: Península of Setúbal

Soil Type: Sandy Pozolitic



Taste Note

Colour: Amber

Aroma: Very intensive variety taste, orange skin and honey.

Taste: Good acidity and structure, prolonged and sweet after taste.

Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel vats at controlled temperatures, until 1060 g/dm3 of density, and long pelicular maceration until March of the next year.

Aging: 5 years in American oak barrels

Evolution: Keep in very good conditions for 30 years.


Alcohol Content: 17,5%vol

Total Acidity: 4 gr of tartaric acid

Ph: 3.2

Residual Sugar: 132 gr


Recommended Plates: Refined confectionery, sweets and as aperitif and digestive.

Recommended Temperature: Between 10 and 12ºC.

Conservation: Fresh places with bottle lying down

Bottling Details

Bottle Capacity (ml)

EAN Uni UPC Quantity of Bottles for Cases Liquid Weight of each Case (Kg) Brute Weight of each Case (Kg) Case EAN SCC Quantity of Cases for Palette

Palette Weight (Kg)

750 ml

5603016004175 6 x 750 ml 4,5 Kg 7,4 Kg 15603016004172 100

740 Kg