Adega de Pegões wins Best Wine Prize in Russia

The Adega de Pegões Wine ARAGONEZ was elected the best wine at the International Wine Competition at PRODEXPO in Moscow, Russia.

This competition, which takes place annually, is the largest and most prestigious wine competition that takes place in Russia, and this is the second time that Adega de Pegões has won the “Golden Swan”, trophy for the best wine, as it had already won it in 2017 with the Adega de Pegões Syrah Wine, it also won a Prodexpo Star (second highest distinction), 11 more Gold and 7 Silver medals, and is also the most awarded wine company.

This year, starts the best way, which gives hope to come to be a great year, as 2019 had already been the best year ever for Adega de Pegões, with a total of 211 awards in its wines, 9 of which were Grand Gold or trophies, 82 Gold, 80 Silver and 40 Bronze, which well reflects its great quality.

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